Fence And Deck Staining 

Whether your fence or deck is brand new or even years old it will definitely benefit from having a fresh stain added to it. By adding a wood stain to your fence or deck it not only improves the look but also improves the lifespan by adding a layer of protection from the sun and weather.


Wooden fence on Corner.jpeg

Let's be honest we all know someone that had either a fence or deck built that didn't complete this step and it looks old and worn within a couple of years. By having the pro's at On Point Painting and more take care of this for you, rest assured your fence or deck will we looking good for years to come. 


Benefits of Staining your Fence or Deck

Prevention of Rotting- A High-quality stain when properly applied will help prevent water from getting into your fence or deck reducing the chances of rotting. 

Limit UV Damage- You know how your Dr. always says it's important to wear sunscreen even on overcast days, well the same goes for your fence or deck and a good coat of stain. Direct sunlight can strip the color from the wood making it appear old and faded in a short amount of time. The staining process we use at On Point Painting and more will ensure that the UV damage is limited and keep your fence or deck looking its best for much longer. 

Prevention of Splitting- Without a stain to keep water from penetrating the wood on those cold Washington Mornings you stand a good chance of that water freezing and making your fence or deck crack and splinter. 

Enhance wood Grain- Not only does stain make your fence or deck last longer because it's being protected it makes it look better also. By having the team at On Point Painting and more help you choose the perfect stain for your fence or deck we can help guide you on what color will look the best depending on the type of wood it is being allied to.